A Day Out In Ipswich

Ipswich is the main town in the county of Suffolk on the East coast of England and sits on the mouth of the River Orwell.

Neptune_Marina,_Ipswich_at_nightIt has the distinction of being the oldest town in England, having evidence of being settled in the Stone Age. There has been a continuous human presence there since Saxon times. Ipswich is about 60 miles away from the capital city of London and is about an hour’s drive away.

Ipswich is known as a cultural town and you can find plenty of local resident artists and art galleries dotted around the town. Even if you weren’t particularly looking for art, it is hard to miss it in the streets due to the many sculptures that are placed in public squares and on buildings. It is also home to three museums, all of which take a good hour or so to get round. These include the Ipswich Museum, The Ipswich Transport Museum and the Christchurch Mansion.

If you enjoy theater, you can enjoy performances at the New Wolsey Theater, which can take up to 400 people.

Every summer, the town organizes the Ipswich Arts Festival, known as the Ip-Art. It also hosts a jazz festival.

If you enjoy architecture, you can visit some of the many churches dating back to the medieval era, but the most impressive one is the St Mary le Tower, which was rebuilt during Victorian times. Another church which is austere on the outside but quite stunning inside is the Holy Trinity Church. Ipswich is also known to be one of the sunniest places in Britain and in the Summer can enjoy some pretty good weather, so don’t forget to pack your sun screen and to take a hat if you are planning a trip to the seaside, which is easy to get to by car or by public transport.