A Trip To Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park

If you have your kids in tow while visiting Suffolk, you could to take them for a day out to Pleasure Wood Hills Them Park for a day of cotton candy, thrill rides and roller coasters.

14788781765_c521dc6035_bThe park is extremely accessible and is serviced by public transport from all major towns in the county; it is situated in Lowestoft between Corton and Gunton on the East coast and covers an area of 59 hectares.

Pleasurewood Hills first opened its doors in 1983 in an American theme and although it has changed hands a few times over the years, it is still going strong and receives many visitors from the local catchment area as well as further afield as Brits take their summer holidays on the East coast. It contains cafes, restaurants and stands where you can purchase food, drinks and snacks.

The main attractions are a a grand total of three roller coasters and some of them are really not for the fainthearted as they invert you a shoot off at over 50 miles per hour.

The three roller coasters include Marble Madness, the Wipeout and the Enigma. For something a bit more sedate, you can go on the Hyper Drive bumping cars ride, or the Jolly Roger drop tower that, as the description implies, drops riders 40 meters, with the ride accelerating from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just one second.

If you want a bit of a scare, you can enter the Hob’s Pit, which claims to be the UK’s most frightening theme park experience. If it’s the log flume that floats your boat, you can ride on Timber falls, a 235-foot long water experience.

There are plenty of other standard fair rides and merry go rounds for children to enjoy, as well as for those who do not enjoy being on the bigger and faster rides.