Grundisburgh is an old village nestled in the sunniest corner of the United Kingdom in the county of Suffolk. It is largely rural, but there are many things to see and do in this part of the world and on these pages you will find information to help you get the most out of your stay.

Suffolk has very low lying land with barely any hills and this, coupled with the fact that there are many local rivers, makes the area fertile and good for growing crops.

There are plenty of rural walks to enjoy which are marked out on local maps for visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the county and its towns and villages. You also find seaside towns in Suffolk, so there really is something for everyone in this part of England. Farm tours where visitors can meander through the abundant crop fields and get a hand on explanation of how the process works can be booked in advance.

These web pages will also give you information about surrounding villages and towns that are worth a visit. You will also find a guide to Grundisburgh itself and an overview of its history, including citizens of note, who hail from this part of the world.

The web pages also contain information of how best to get here and which routes will allow for a scenic arrival into Suffolk.

The people in this county have a very friendly disposition and will be as much a part of your visit as the actual trip itself.