Ipswich – The Unlikely Technology Hub

While it is true that Suffolk is a largely rural county with an emphasis on farming and agriculture, there are a growing number of firms that are relocating to the area, one of which is the Chinese mobile phone giant Huawei.

Old_Bremer_Tafe_-_IpswichThe company poured £211 million into East Anglia’s economy in three years. It has also bought over £154 million in goods and products from the region. The technology industry is a slow burner, but it is definitely coming of age in this part of the world and now might be the time to invest in building your own apps.

You can build an app to do anything and the platform Aquro provides a one-stop shop for doing so. Huawei, for example, is known to be a keen buyer of self-starter technology and apps. Since being based on the East coast of the UK, it has already bought out CIP Technologies and absorbed much of its workforce.

When Huawaei started out in the Suffolk region, it employed 619 people and that was five years ago. These days, its workforce has swelled to 2,500 employees.

It might sounds a little daunting to a self developer trying to pitch an app to a telecom giant, but there are others who can help.

Take SyncIpswich, for example. These guys try and bring together the county’s technology communities to brainstorm for new ideas and to try and help developers gain traction with start-up ideas. The group is also supported by marketing agencies and business owners. It is an open community for anyone into technology, creativity, or business development ideas. More than anything, it is a place for people to help each other develop their ideas and nurture them until they come to fruition.

While the green lowlands of Ipswich might seem to be its identifying feature, it is not the only one. The potential for technology to grow here is high.