The Village Of Framlington

A very charming place to visit in Suffolk is the market town of Framlington. It was settled in the Bronze age and has been mentioned in many of England’s history books, particularly the Doomsday Book.

640px-Framlingham_Castle_courtyardFramlington was an Anglo-Saxon town at the time of the invasion of England by William the Conqueror in 1066. When he eliminated the English nobles, he set about taxing his new dominion and to do so, he commissioned his court to carry out a survey of the lands in England at the time in order to find out how much tax he could squeeze out of the locals. The report was completed and published in 1086 and Framlington was one of the domains that was pointed out to be of significance, due to the large and profitable farms that were in the vicinity.

In time, it became a market town and currently has a population of 3,342 people. It serves as a hub and trading post for nearby towns with odd names such as Earl Soham, Kettleburgh, Parham, Saxtead and, quite bizarrely, Sweffling.

The town has the distinction of winning an award for being the best place to live in rural United Kingdom, an accolade which it won in 2006. You can also find the two oldest still functioning post boxes in Great Britain which go all the way back to 1856. Check House in Framlington is one of the smallest houses in Britain with dimensions of 6.1 meters by 2.2 meters.

Another fun thing to do in Framlington is rent a classic car from Big Sky Classics and take a drive around the countryside. With anything from roadsters to big luxury cars, it’s a great day out.

England might not be famed for its wine, but you can also visit Shawsgate Vineyard, to see how wine is produced and have a taste of the varieties after the tour.