The Village Of Grundisburgh

The village of Grundisburgh can be found in the county of Suffolk and is ideal for a day trip out of the town of Ipswich on the bus, or by car.

1127530_534b8eb4It’s a small village just on the edge of the farming areas and is home to 1,584 inhabitants, located just six miles away from Ipswich and four miles from Woodbridge. If peace and quiet is what you are after, then this is the place for you. Many people head to the English countryside to find their writing muse and Grundisburgh is an ideal spot to hunker down and do some blogging or memoir writing. You can visit to find out which site would be ideal for your needs if you wanted to write about your experiences.

There are two worshiping places in the village, a small Baptist Chapel built in 1798 and the larger Church of England St Mary’s building which was first built in about 1300. The building was expaned numerous times over the years and it also features three towers. The authorities have deemed it to be of historical and architectural importance, listing it as a Grade 1 building.

Another important historical building is Basts, near the church, which goes back to 1520 in the Tudor era. It belonged to Thomas Awall, who’s father in law was master cook for King Henry the seventh and Edward the fourth.

There is also a modern Primary School in the village and the local pub called “The Dog” if you need somewhere to quench your thirst with local ales and mainstream beverages.

The people of Grundisburgh are a friendly lot and always make time to talk to visitors about the history of the village and the sedate country way of life that the residents lead. Grundisburgh is a village in every sense of the word and community spirit is very important – so much so that the local newspaper which also serve other outlying villages – is run by volunteers.